Eradicating discrimination in French public sector recruitment

A first step has been taken and is implementing non-discrimination training for hiring, which will take place every 5 years in all companies with more than 300 employees as well as recruitment companies.

Secondly, in order to ensure the economic inclusion of everyone, particularly those residing in priority neighborhoods (QPVs), recruitment potentials will be identified per pool of jobs in consultation with local authorities, And APEC.

Pôle emploi and APEC accompany companies in the process of recruiting these people.

Experiments for the validation of these measurements

Unemployed persons aged up to 28 years will be able to benefit from category A or B work in training contracts for a period of 6 years.

No discrimination should be made, in particular territorial discrimination: equal priority will be given to candidates residing in a QPV, an RRZ, overseas territories, or territories where young people have access to employment in particular difficult.

The long-term unemployed must also be able to access these contracts.

Access to public functions

Other measures have been put in place with regard to access to public services.

  • Access to the third competition is extended to candidates who have gained experience in the context of a professional or associative activity, including voluntary work, or a local elected representative.
  • The duration of apprenticeship and professional training contracts will be counted in the calculation of the length of professional activity required to compete in the 3rd competition.
  • The information of students on the trades and the access routes to the public service, with a survey of companies, associations and public bodies that can offer internships.
  • The extension of the PACT to young people up to 28 years of age and to long-term unemployed persons aged 45 and over and beneficiaries of social minima with tutoring arrangements. The annual number of posts offered in the PACTE may not be less than 20% of the total number of posts to be filled by this route and to recruitment without competition.