French carry out review of training measures

Myriam El Khomri, the French Minister for Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue, has always considered that “education and training are powerful levers for acting, changing representations, developing attitudes, behaviours and the essential skills required for adapting to the ever-changing workplace.”

Thus, during the quinquennium, many measures were put in place to highlight the training.

Better match between training and business needs

In order for training to be a lever, the main objective was to allow learning to come directly to the needs of companies.

First, the Plan 500 000 additional training has reached its objectives since 1.1 million training actions in 2016, 300 000 of which were aimed at priority audiences. This plan is therefore renewed in 2017.

In addition, territorial diagnoses have been established with the players in the field and the development of the capacity to anticipate the changing skills needs of companies.

Training to become the principal player in our career

With the idea that training should enable the apprentice to gain access to employment, measures such as these have been taken:

  • The recognition of quadripartism and the first level of qualification through the competition of the regional public service of the vocational training access to the qualification (SPRO)
  • Personal Training Account (CPF): 720,000 training files using the CPF validated since 2015
  • The Evolving Professional Council (CEP)
  • The personal activity account, created by the Labor Act of August 8, 2016, which integrates the CPF
    Government efforts to support learning
  • To achieve the 3.5% increase in apprenticeships between 2015 and 2016, several efforts have been made by the government.

The first step in this process was that 100,000 places have been modernized with € 450 million from the Future Investment Program (PIA). The next step was the complete overhaul of the funding mechanism.

There has also been an increase in apprenticeship aids, especially for minors, but also to the development of the use of apprentices in public offices and State operators (8,500 apprentices recruited since the beginning of 2015).

Lastly, apprenticeship training for the Ministry of Employment was opened.