MOOC – helping disabled employees integrate the workplace in France

Already committed to territorial actions in favor of the integration of disabled workers, the joint body AGEFOS PME, funding and advice for the vocational training of SMEs, VSEs and their employees, has just announced the launch of a MOOC ” Handicaps and the workplace” to promote the professional integration of disabled people within companies.


Developed in partnership with the Agefiph (Association of management of the fund for the integration of the handicapped) and put on line on November 13 by Openclassroom, the objective of this MOOC is to give the decision makers of VSE / SME the keys to put in place an operational disability policy in the company.


Managers and HR professionals have an online tool to develop an approach to support people with disabilities in their career and integrate sustainable disability in their business.


What is a MOOC ?


MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses, literally massive online training for everyone. In fact, it is a distance education accessible on the internet, free and open to all.


MOOCs take various forms that reflect the variety of educational offerings. If their principle is similar to correspondence training or e-learning, their particularity comes from their accessibility which is based on a concept of openness: no barrier of competence or registration fees is thus required for it. to access.


The quality of the content of a MOOC obviously plays a major role in the transmission of knowledge to learners, but the way of conveying the content is equally important.


MOOC “Handicaps and the workplace”


This MOOC aims to provide business leaders with benchmarks on the fields covered by disability, its different status and the legal obligations that companies incur as regards the professional integration of disabled workers.


It presents tools for the development of an approach to support people with disabilities within the company, throughout their career.


The objectives of this MOOC


Agefos PME has developed this MOOC in order to allow decision makers to overcome their prejudices on disability through an operational approach and to apply the law by activating levers to increase the employment rate of disabled.


The aim is to prepare and facilitate the recruitment, reception and integration of a person with a disability in a sustainable way but also to promote the retention of employment and support career paths and careers people with health problems at work.