New professional certificates enshrined in French law

In breaking news regarding certifications, a new enrollment order in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) has recently been published.

This order in the national directory modifies or integrates new certifications,  including certification for a DUFA Adult Level III Teacher.

Among the various certifications listed, there is a strong presence of those relating to the tertiary and web sector, relating to jobs such as training, coaching, research and development or design.

It is these certifications which occupy a strong place in the list. Other CQPs are also available in the field of ceramics and porcelain as well as sport.

New Order

The new Order of Registration in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) published recently modifies the previous decree and takes into account several certifications, the most notable of which are those of the schools of the Ministry of Defense and CNAM.

Among the new entries in the list, it should be noted as above, the qualifications in relation to:

  • The tertiary sector: training, coaching, HR
  • The web: design, development, projects

These are the most important certifications. This is also the case for the CQP qualified versatile seafood workers who are currently enjoy a spell of good popularity.

It should be noted that several certifications have been registered for the shellfish farming sector. A new branch will also be created in the field of orthopedic equipment.

A BEP has just been created and the first examination will take place in 2018 as will the Bac pro Technician in orthopedic equipment that will replace the diploma of podo-orthotist and prosthetist-orthotist.

The first session of this review will take place in 2019. Those who wish to participate in the review may therefore begin to prepare.