New simplified template for dismissals in France?

Each year, about one hundred employees dispute their dismissal because of a non-conforming procedure. In order to reduce the number of disputes related to this subject, the Government plans to introduce a standard form of dismissal. Details.

A typical layoff letter template

Once a company wishes to dismiss an employee, it must follow a well-defined approach which, in the event of non-observance of the rules, can cost him dearly. According to the figures revealed in an impact study of a bill to reform the Labor Code, 120,000 employees refute their dismissal every year. A figure that encourages employers to do a thorough analysis before recruiting.

The State sees this as an obstacle to recruitment. In order to lift the latter, he was thinking of setting up a standard layoff letter model that would simplify the procedures for companies. This is a “Cerfa” form identical to the documents that are completed when filing VAT or applying for a passport.

A document to secure businesses

The main purpose of this form is to secure the companies by specifying the formal constraints relating to the dismissal procedure. This means that employers, in particular SMEs, will no longer have to seek the services of a legal service in the event of dismissal.

Simply complete the form. The government also wants to maintain dialogue between companies and employees. The latter can ask their employers directly for explanations on their dismissal. This makes it possible to lower the tensions upstream.