Pole Emploi publishes report on unemployment benefits

The Pôle Emploi (The French equivalent to the Jobseekers Agency) has published its latest statistical data concerning the amount of the allowance paid to jobseekers. This report provides information on the various trends in payment of allowances, as appropriate, age and gender.

Less than 1000 euros for more than 40% of job seekers

The results of the studies are precise as to the general trend of the unemployment benefit: 41.9% of the beneficiaries receive less than 1 000 euros.

1,167 euros is the average gross monthly amount received by an unemployed jobseeker, whether for full-time or part-time workers. For part-time workers, the average is 1,300 euros.

From an overview, the allowances increase to around 453 euros minimum and more than 2,221 euros for the maximum. 5% of the recipients receive these amounts, compared with 700 – 1 000 euros for more than 20%, 1 000 – 1 250 euros for the 30%, while 16.4% receive allowances above 1500 euros.

Different amounts depending on age and sex

It has been shown that the amount of unemployment benefit increases according to the age of the jobseeker.

The logic is that the older you are, the more active you have been in your life. Job seekers aged under 25 receive € 867 compared to € 1,298 for those aged fifty and over.

Still, women are less advantaged than their male counterparts, regardless of age. The difference is quite palpable, 890 euros for men under 25 years against 842 euros for women of the same age. With age, this difference increases. For the over 50s, the average allocation is 1,572 euros for men to the detriment of women with 1,065 euros.