PrAb contracts, a new way of recruiting in the French civil service

PrAB contracts are contracts for those people preparing to take the category A and B entrance exams for the French civil service and concern the three arms of the civil service: civil service of the State, territorial civil service and public service hospitals.

Introduced by the law n ° 2017-86 of 27 January 2017 on equality and citizenship, this new recruitment system has been open to public service employers since 01 January 2018. It allows its signatories to benefit from ‘a specific preparation alternating with entrance examinations in the civil service’.

A circular of May 17, 2018 specified the exact conditions for the application of this contract to the public service of the State.

The terms of the PrAB contract

This new recruitment mechanism for the public service has been set up on an experimental basis and is open to unemployed young people up to the age of 28, mainly those coming from priority neighborhoods of the city (QPV), rural revitalization zones (RZAs), overseas communities or territories which experience difficulties in accessing employment. The PrAB contract is also open to long-term job seekers over the age of 45 and beneficiaries of social minima.

The objective of this contract is to allow these public employees, hired under a fixed-term contract, to take alternating sandwich training courses in preparation for entrance examinations to join the civil service.

The decree n ° 2017-1471 established on October 12, 2017 specifies the modes of application of this new device. Called “Preparation for Class A and B competitions”, the PrAB contract is designed to reconcile professional activity in the public administration of the State with accompanying actions and specific training with the aim of helping candidates pass the civil service entrance exams.

The new circular issued by the State clarifies the application of this contract in the public service of the State. To this end, the circular proposes that a standard model contract be used and details the provisions which must be applied for those contract agents in the State who benefit from a PrAB contract.

How is the training organized?

The PrAB contract is for a minimum duration of 12 months and can extend to a maximum of 24 months. In the event of a candidate’s failure in the entrance exams, the contract may be extended by one year. During its term, the signatories of the contract receive a salary equivalent to the remuneration of a trainee civil servant in their local jurisdiction.

The contract provides for a training course, paid for by the recruiting administration, with a minimum duration of 10% of the total duration of the contract and a maximum of 25%. Throughout the duration of the contract, candidates benefit from the presence of a designated tutor entrusted with welcoming and guiding them through the employment administration.

Where possible, it is recommended that the end date of the contract coincide with the usual date of entry into the civil service school after having passed the entrance exam or after taking up employment in the field of administration.

The beneficiary of the PrAB contract must participate in a tailor-made training program in order to better prepare for the competitions. It should also be noted that training may include specific actions for entrance exam preparation and can also include more general training aimed at strengthening and enriching the candidates’ skill-set.