Agefiph publishes first list of recognised quality training organisations in France

Agefiph has just brought to the public’s attention its first catalogue which lists the various training organizations it subsidizes and those organizations which conform to the recently published Quality decree in France. Explanations below.

This first edition of the said catalog brings together the various agencies in charge of the Agefiph contracts who have given their agreement for an amendment introduced in the contract.

This amendment refers to compliance with the various prescriptions of the decree and the references defined by the Agefiph. The aim is to take into account the postulates of adaptation to the disability and perception in the various criteria listed by the decree.


The catalog will be regularly updated and will include on a continuous basis all the organizations responsible for the Agefiph markets.

For the time being, it includes about fifteen providers and none of them is from New-Aquitaine. Organizations that receive funding through individual training aid will join the catalog as they go along.

This will be done by reference to a document that will be equivalent to a commitment of the training organization.

The organizations in charge of a contract or having received funding under individual aid have a duty to inform the person who benefits from it of all the provisions relating to the quality of training by collecting his signature To the beneficiary information document.

It should be noted that the catalog published by Agefiph includes all the organizations financed and which meet the criteria clearly defined in decree 2015-790 of 30 June 2015 and which relates to the quality of the various actions of continuing vocational training .

Every effort is therefore being made to regulate the sector and to verify all compliance standards.