Areva concludes new social contract with French unions

In its press release of 3 April, the French nuclear group Areva announces the conclusion of a new social contract with all the trade unions.

This agreement was signed by CFDT, FO, CFE-CGC, CGT and Unsa-Spaen, after 4 months of negotiations.

This new agreement will allow the group to continue its transformation, told AFP, François Nogué, director of human resources.

It concerns more than 55% of employees in the reactor business of the Areva group and which must be taken over by EDF.

It mainly focuses on skills management, working time with an increased day-plan, but also the association of staff with the results of the company:

Skills management

This component involves the intensification of “the continuous training effort of employees”, the development of apprenticeship through more alternations (700 alternates in 2017), but also the resumption of recruitments, especially key skills.

Work hours

A new reference package has been introduced. 215 working days per year compared to 203 for certain companies in the group.

Staff turnover

The new Areva aims to involve its staff in the recovery and improvement of its results to “remobilize” the employees. Note that the group experienced a voluntary departure of 36,000 employees out of 42,000, within two years.

To do this, we have put in place: participation in the group, return to better fortune. For the participation in the group, the envelope provided for this purpose is set at 3% of operating income. The first will be calculated in 2017 and paid in 2018.

An approximate estimate of 800 euros per employee. As for the system of return to better fortune, it could represent approximately 1700 euros per employee, in the form of a complement of participation.