Conference on reform of training law

In the field of training, new methods, practices and schemes are numerous and they are not always easy to understand, as a consequence the Centre Inffo  has decided to organize a conference entitled “Rendez-vous du droit: Reforming training within the company. “


What are the new practices?

The new mechanisms which now characterize the law of continuing vocational training are the following:


  • Abandoning the “0.9% minimum” principle as previously favoured by most companies
  • Evaluating the quality of training by those funding the training
  • Extending the opportunities for certified training at distance and reviewing and extending the placements for training courses
  • Emergence of training inspired by individual initiatives.


A Rendez-Vous to promote better understanding


The Centre Inffo’s Rendez-vous du droit provides training professionals with the opportunity to learn more about these new methods and practices and the chance to measure their importance and their impact on everyone involved in training: companies, Opca funds and training organizations. The speakers are Jean-Philippe Cépède, Legal Director of Center Inffo and Pierre-François Tallet, Legal Officer, Legal Department of Center Inffo.


There are three major objectives for the conference :

  • Mastering the meaning of the latest legislative and regulatory developments in professional training;
  • Measuring their impact on the relationships between the various players in the training process;
  • Facilitating the implementation of these new developments.


Who is the conference aimed at ?

All training professionals who are concerned with the application of  training laws: HR managers, training managers, training centre directors, business advisers, pedagogical managers, training assistants, professional advisors for Opca , Opacif, Fongecif or other training fund bodies as well as information and guidance organizations.



Rendez-vous du droit

18th of  May 2017, morning from 9am to 12.30

MGEN – 3, Square Max Hymans – 75015 Paris

For further information. contact :

Pôle Formation :

Telephone number : 01 55 93 91 82/83

or Mme Maravic

Tel : 01 55 93 91 90