Conference: Understanding in-company training reforms

In the field of training, there are numerous new paradigms and these are not always easy to understand.


This is why the Inffo Center is organizing a conference called “Rendez-vous du droit: Reforming in-house training. “


What are the new mechanisms?

The new mechanisms which now characterize the laws governing continuous vocational training are the following:

  • abandoning the “0.9% minimum” principle for companies
  • evaluation of the quality of training by the funding bodies
  • extending the possibility of certified remote training and work placements
  • The creation of accounts for individual initiatives.


A Rendez-Vous for clarity

The Rendez-vous du droit offers training professionals the chance to attend a presentation of these new paradigms in order to measure their importance and their impact on the concerned parties: i.e. companies, Opca funding bodies, training organizations. The speakers are Jean-Philippe Cépède, Legal Director of Centre Inffo and Pierre-François Tallet, the Legal Officer with the Legal Department of Centre Inffo.


The Rendez-Vous du droit has three principal objectives:

  • Mastering the meaning of the latest legislative and regulatory developments in vocational training
  • Measuring the changes in the relations between the training partners ;
  • Facilitating the implementation of these changes.


Who is concerned?

All training professionals who are involved in the application of training regulations: HR directors, training managers, training centre directors, business advisers, pedagogical managers, training assistants, professional advisors with Opca , Opacif, Fongecif or host bodies as well as information and guidance organizations.



Rendez-vous du droit

18th of May 2017, from 9am to 12.30pm

MGEN – 3, Square Max Hymans – 75015 Paris

For further information please contact :

Pôle Formation :

Tel : 01 55 93 91 82/83

or Mme Maravic

Tel : 01 55 93 91 90