Eduform standard targets improved quality of training

A new quality label was created by the Decree of 24 February 2017. The continuing education benefits are then guaranteed by a conformity guarantee. Explanations below.

The Eduform label is placed in the context of a quality approach as required by the Ministry of Education for the training of the target, which are adults.

The benchmarks defined include social diversity and CSR, the fight against different inequalities, etc. The objective is rather ambitious since it is a matter of placing beneficiaries in the heart of the system so that they are real actors throughout the training process.

More adherents to Eduform label

It should be noted that the Eduform label brings together a wide variety of national education continuous training bodies such as :

  • Greta
  • Gip-Fcip
  • Dafpic
  • Dafco
  • Etc.

The structures of continuing training, whether they intervene in the public or the private sector, are also concerned, in particular those preparing for the various professional diplomas of the State.

If users and public service employees had generally used the two qualities labels GretaPlus and VAE, this will no longer be the case.

These measures guarantee that Afnor BP X50-762 will meet the requirements for continuing training offered by the various structures.

Better still, the decree of February 24, 2017 makes reference to referencing. Several service commitments for beneficiaries and clients are clearly specified.

It is also important to point out that the expected quality is also related to the structuring and management of the various bodies concerned.

Eduform is registered on the national list of the various accreditations and labels which meet the conditions to be elected for the Personal Training Account for a period of three years.