Employees optimistic about their future in France

For the first time since the beginning of 2016, more than half of all French people (51%) are confident in their professional future and the improvement of the economic situation.

This is the main lesson which can be drawn from the latest “Job Confidence Index” PageGroup barometer, the latest quarterly report collating the hopes, fears and opinions of French workers across the board on their professional situation and their perception of the job market.


The level of optimism displayed by French employees has soared sharply since the beginning of 2017 and has increased by 10 points compared to the first quarter of 2016.


A favourable context

Good news has accumulated over the last few months: a drop in the unemployment rate in September, a healthy global economy, renewed GDP growth in France and the establishment of a sustainable recovery … the French workforce, who are also benefiting from strong increase in recruitments, at last have something to be optimistic about.


According to the president of PageGroup France, the positive trend can be explained by several factors including the increase in activity of certain sectors (BTP, Facility Management, high-tech industry …) but also by the dynamics instilled by the political renewal. The president of PageGroup France also noted the importance of the “Macron Effect” on the morale of the French population.


French optimism


Since the Index of Confidence of candidates in their professional future and the labor market was launched in 2016, the French Confidence Index in their professional future and the job market has continued to increase to reach  its highest level at 51% today. This figure os 2 points higher than the 2nd quarter of 2017 and 10 more than at the beginning of 2016.


This renewed optimism is due in large part to the new confidence of the French in improving the economic situation in the short term. 55% of French people predict that it will be good in the next six months, compared with only 46% in the last quarter.


Similarly, 57% see an improvement in the labor market situation in 6 months, when they were 46% in the last quarter.


Professional evolution


The French candidates also confirm their optimism in the future in terms of professional development. Sixty-six percent hope to develop new skills and 57 percent expect to be promoted.


50% of them plan to widen their scope of responsibilities in the near future and almost one in two French people (49%) also think that their remuneration will increase.


Renewed optimism in Europe


Alongside the Belgians, French employees are the most optimistic people in Europe when it comes to finding a new job. To illustrate this optimism, 63% of French jobseekers and employees think that they could find a new position in less than 3 months compared to only half of all German or Swiss people.


In terms of career development, 66% of French candidates believe that their skills will increase in 2018 and 57% expect a promotion compared with only 52% in Spain, 49% in the Netherlands and just 42 % in Italy.