What are the priorities for jobseekers in France?

What are the priorities for jobseekers in France in view of the different job opportunities available to them? This question was answered by 1,660 people representing the French workforce in a recent study conducted by the Meteojob site. The website, which specializes in job offers, wished to reveal the criteria which are really important for job applicants in the choice of their future post. In a context where companies in certain sectors are struggling to recruit, this report would appear to be invaluable.

Small businesses acclaimed

The first, surprising lesson from the report is that big companies are less popular than before, with 50% of French workers saying that they preferred small businesses (between 1 and 250 employees), compared to 35% five years ago. In second place are companies with 250 to 5,000 employees which is the preferred destination for 26% of prospective candidates while large companies only attract 11% of candidates.

If the size of the company has always been one of the candidates’ priorities, this good image of micro-businesses and start-ups represents a major shift in the labour market and a subject for reflection for large groups. All professional categories are affected by this trend.

The importance of the workplace

Among the other priorities of job applicants, the location of the workplace ranks second (64%), just behind the content of the position sought (73%). The value and the atmosphere of the company come right after (60%), just before the location and layout of the premises (53%).

On the other hand, only 21% of candidates say they are interested in “business” information about the company (strategy, market shares) as it is above all the criteria concerning their well-being that preoccupies job seekers.

The challenges of the recruitment process

Finally, the number of interviews requested by recruiters can also play into the selection of candidates. 48% of them say they are willing to do up to two physical interviews with representatives of the company but only 28% plan to go up to three interviews, and 4% up to four interviews.

It should be noted here that the length of the recruitment process often depends on the level of responsibility of the post concerned and must be adapted to the importance of the position so as not to deter candidates.