Euroguidance publish guide to living and working in France

The Euroguidance network has published a summary document on “Orientation practices in France”. It provides an overview of the context of lifelong guidance through testimonials and initiatives that illustrate the practices involved in the various sectors of industry in France.

Euroguidance is a European network of National Resource Centers for Professional Orientation created in 1992 by the European Commission. Its mission is to guide and inform education and training systems and to encourage mobility in 35 European countries.


Beyond its synthetic vocation, the Euroguidance report also highlights the use and contributions of digital technology in orientation processes.


The contents of the Euroguidance document


The first part of the study focuses on mechanisms to develop the ability to orient oneself, prevent school dropout, promote success and transitions between school cycles and support professional development.


It is a presentation of the Future Course which was set up from the sixth to the final year in order to prepare the student for the progressive construction of its orientation and the discovery of the economic and social world.


It also deals with digital e-portfolios, personalized portfolios of experiences and skills at the university allowing students to describe their experiences, identify their skills and value their career paths. training.


A second chapter is devoted to the tools and services available to career guidance professionals, in particular the Orientation for All portal, the employment center employee or the ONISEP resources such as “My online orientation” or “My increased orientation”. “.


The battle against college dropouts


Euroguidance presents the various structures and initiatives aimed at preventing early school leaving, such as the second progressive vocational training (POP) which has been implemented in several academies. The objective is to offer students to observe a time of reflection prior to the choice of their specialty. Another example is the Bac-3 / Bac + 3 continuum whose goal is to ensure continuity between secondary education and higher education.


With regard to the measures that accompany professional development, skills assessment systems, the validation of prior learning and career development consulting are also discussed.


The Euroguidance network


The Euroguidance centers serve to inform guidance professionals and citizens about study, training and mobility opportunities in Europe and the various national education and training systems. They are primarily intended for professional bridging but also for young people and adults.


These centers are also intended to facilitate the exchange of information between the different European countries and the guidance services.