France Strategie publishes report on employment pathways

France Stratégie published this summer a report summarizing the analyzes of the Réseau emploi compétences competences (REC) on multiple pathways to employment that differ according to the sector or sector of activity.

The REC is an observation and prospective network of jobs and skills set up by France Stratégie. It brings together representatives of the State, social partners, regions, branch observatories, and organizations producing observation and foresight work to anticipate the skills of tomorrow and support professional transitions.


Strengthen the ability of companies to recruit


Entitled “Strengthening the capacity of companies to recruit”, the report from France Stratégie is therefore the result of the analyzes carried out by the REC on the different modes of supplying the business lines. The initial approach consists of identifying statistical methods and sources that make it possible to understand the ways in which trades are fed.


In fact, the REC has identified several routes of access to the trades that vary according to the sector of activity and the trade itself: entry into employment after a continuous / initial training, or by through the experience or business gateways.


The report also looks at the recruitment method used by companies. To do this, the France Stratégie group questioned the “quality” of candidates on the labor market, and then move on to the management of the workforce within companies.


Improving access to jobs and increasing recruitment capacity


Fruit of its analytical work, public institution has issued three main recommendations to strengthen the ability of companies to recruit. The first is the exit from the purely adequationist logic which revolves around all training to leave room for the integration of the specificities of trades and sectors of activity by the institutional actors. The aim is to better understand how the available positions are filled.


The second recommendation of the group is to improve the statistical knowledge of labor management and recruitment practices based in particular on the existing systems, without neglecting the qualitative approaches.


Finally, the third recommendation of France Stratégie is the need to work to identify the skills needs of the labor market. Some branches have already embarked on this work by setting up support tools for companies with the support of organizations of professional branches, OPCA or HR platform funded by the state. Nevertheless, the report considers these initiatives still too little shared and unknown and recommends to improve the animation of these structures and the dissemination of good practices in order to achieve the improvement of recruitment processes and the effectiveness of training.