French university presidents harbour grand ambitions for professional training

The CPU or Conference of Presidents of Universities recently issued a press release to make known its position on the situation of higher education and research.

The document lists 84 advances in the evolution of higher education and includes proposals that affect the future of vocational training at the university.

The University is an essential operator of vocational training

According to the CPU, the University is playing an increasingly important role in the field of vocational training or lifelong learning. The diversification of training programs in universities boosts their ability to innovate in the field of education, regardless of the target audience. By developing continuing education and learning, the University is now a place where the professional world and the training system meet.

Two ambitious proposals

Proposals 48 and 49 show the CPU’s ambition for continuing education. The first encourages the development of forms of financing in continuing education. This allows universities to invest more deeply in this area. It also enables employees to obtain higher education diplomas, whether through VAE or continuing education. With regard to proposal 49, the CPU requests that delegation agreements to training bodies be made possible. For apprenticeship, only one proposal is related to it, namely proposal 50. The CPU requires a complete separation of training organizations and learning tax collection agencies.