INSEE report on the 2016 job market published

According to the figures published by l’Insee and the BIT (Bureau International du Travail), the active working population in France in 2016 represented 71.4% of all people aged between 15 and 64 years old, equivalent to 29.2 million people.


Of these, almost 90% (or 26.2 million) have jobs, 75% of them in the tertiary sector, and most are salaried. 85.3% of the jobs to be occupied for a fixed period are privileged by employees whereas they are 44% by young people of 15 to 24 years. This is due to the fact that their integration into the world of work is recent and that these young people are less qualified than those who are still pursuing their education and who are more graduated. In addition, 6.5% of these employed workers, the majority of whom are women, concern underemployment, which particularly affects unskilled workers.

An increase in the number of workers

Over the last decade, INSEE noted that the labor force aged 15 to 64 has increased, mainly due to the increase in the participation rate. The number of assets increased by 1.0 million between 2006 and 2016 and the participation rate of 15-64 year olds is up by 1.9 points in metropolitan France.

This increase is mainly due to the continued employment of seniors. Between 2006 and 2016, the number of people aged 50 to 64 in metropolitan France increased by 1.7 million and their participation rate by 8.4 percentage points.

Unemployment rate down 0.3%

In 2016, the unemployment rate was 10.1%, ie 0.3 points less than in 2015. It then affects 3 million people, a decrease of 79,000 compared to 2015. Young people are the most active Affected by unemployment, about every quarter. However, they have more access to employment than their elders. They remain a little longer unemployed. Indeed, 60% of the unemployed over 50 years old have been unemployed for at least one year. Overall, 20.3% of all these unemployed find a job within 3 months of their unemployment.

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