New classification system for training unveiled in France

A new system of competency-based classifications has just been introduced. This follows several years of reflection and joint negotiations between the Training Organizations Branch and three trade union organizations:

  • The French Confederation of Christian Workers (CFTC)
  • The French union of executives and management (CFE-CGC)
  • Force Ouvriere (FO).

This agreement is called “major” since it concerns 4,200 training organizations. It also revises the system of conventional classifications, highlighting the skills mobilized in employment.

In the future, it will allow to take into account the current or future evolution of the trades of the training organizations.

These organizations will therefore be able to adapt to the skill-sets required by the job, rather than based on the characteristics attached to the employees.

Éric Parquet, Chairman of the National Joint Negotiating Commission (NPC), said: “This is a major agreement, leading to joint negotiations based on a new generation of classifications. The social partners wish to equip the industry with innovative tools enabling employees to receive remuneration according to their competencies, a dynamic HRM around a constructive social dialogue. ”

Martine Gourdin, Vice-President of CPNN, also affirmed that this new classification system was created to facilitate social dialogue and to provide more promising career prospects for employees.

She stressed that the classifications will allow employees to benefit from greater flexibility and openness in the negotiation of wages, even if there are no employees’ business.

Note that a practical guide is already being developed to help companies and their employees adapt more easily to this change.