Terms of experimental professional contracts in France finally agreed

Published on 18 March 2017, the specifications set by the decree of 8 March 2017 highlight the framework and the terms of the contract for the professionalization of experimental work under Article 74 of the Law of 8 August 2016.

Objectives of the contract for experimental professionalization

The main objective of the experimentation provided for by the Act of 8 August 2016 is to increase the access to qualification of jobseekers.

In particular, the least qualified (unfit or recognized as a disabled worker), but also those furthest from the market.

The article therefore proposes to encourage the construction of adapted paths for a return to employment in coherence with the needs of enterprises and territories.

The experimental professionalization contract aims to remain flexible in order to give job seekers access to personalized training.

Individuals and companies targeted by this experiment

Professional contracts can be concluded by jobseekers between the ages of 16 and 25. But they are not limited to this age.

These contracts are also aimed at people aged over 26 years, beneficiaries of an assisted contract or the RSA, but also those who have an acknowledgment of the status of disabled worker.

However, the experimental professionalization contract favors people who have suffered long-term unemployment.

As for the target companies, the decree states that only the State, local and regional authorities and their public administrative establishments can not conclude an experimental professionalization contract.

Financing of this experiment

The training actions must be implemented by a training organization or by the company itself if it has a training center, specifies the decree of 8 March 2017. Shares with a minimum duration of 15% To 25% of the total duration of the contract.

In order to benefit from OPCA funding, the company must provide quality training, with clear and precise objectives and appropriate teaching, technical and supervisory means.