World Forum for Lifelong Learning


The subject of professional training will be on the agenda of the 5th World Forum for lifelong learning organized by the World Committee for Lifelong Learning (CMA) in partnership with the National University of Distance Education (UNED). The next edition of the Forum is scheduled to take place in Madrid on the 27th, 28th and 29th of September 2017.

Common objectives

The objective of the World Forum on Lifelong Learning is to contribute to sustainable development through the development of training and learning. To achieve these goals the CMA is committed to working in partnership with UNED, UNESCO, the International Council for Adult Education, the Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos and the Institute for Lifelong Learning.

A number of other objectives will be on the agenda, including a discussion on the importance of continuous training throughout one’s career with a view to sustainable advancement. In addition to this debate, the forum will also feature a presentation of innovative concepts and strategies in relation to education through the long-term implementation of the UN’s stated education policy.


The importance of strengthening multicultural and multidisciplinary cooperation among the various players in education systems is also set to be emphasized during the Forum. This process concerns both civil society and the private sector as well as higher education at various levels. Local, regional, national and international learning networks should also be created to further this multicultural and multidisciplinary cooperation leading to the adoption and formulation of recommendations to specialized entities, governments, UNESCO and civic authorities.

Positive results expected

These reforms are expected to lead to many positive results, such as the identification of aspects essential to lifelong learning and training as well as innovations in the documentation process and practices concerning lifelong learning. The principle players on the field will be expected to create new forms of cooperation to increase the availability of lifelong learning to all members of society.


Sustainable development and education will therefore be the main topics of discussion as well as the need to use education to encourage and further global citizenship while also improving the education level of women and disadvantaged groups. The Forum will also seek to address questions on research policy at higher education level as well as other topics touching on human development and health.