CornerJob et Randstad create a 100% mobile temping agency

Randstad and CornerJob have teamed up to set up a 100% mobile recruitment service to connect VSE-SMEs looking for temporary workers with possible candidates. The service includes :

  • Sourcing non-management profiles
  • Paying temporary staff
  • Administrative tools for following up short-term contracts

This mobile service follows the launch of the Randstad Direct platform, which has enabled VSEs to monitor the recruitment of candidates online since last year.


By working with CornerJob, Randstad has helped small and medium-sized businesses to manage all the recruitment steps on a mobile application efficiently and quickly.

The latest version of the app will be available on the existing CornerJob mobile application and has already been downloaded by 6 million users.

The new version of the application will allow CornerJob and Randstad to take care of the different stages of recruitment via the same mobile application.


CornerJob is responsible for looking after the first steps in the recruitment process, such as:

  • Publishing location specific job offers
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Acting as intermediaries with recruiters (through chat tools)


Randstadt are subsequently responsible for the final phases of the recruitment process, namely:

  • Carrying out telephone interviews and evaluations with candidates
  • Pre-contract administrative work (drawing up and signing contracts)
  • Post-contract administrative tasks (online payment of temps)


Randstadt and CornerJob welcome small and medium-sized businesses with open arms as they account for half of the people recruited as temporary workers in France, with this number set to continue to rise.

As a way of appealing to these small and medium-sized firms, the two companies have decided upon setting a fixed price ranging between 17 and 24 euros per day per person hired, thus moving away from their traditional model based on a high percentage of the wages of temporary workers.